The Salaca length is 95 km and that flows out of Lake Burtnieks and flows in the Baltic Sea. As with many Latvian rivers, the Salaca s flow is uneven: there are both calm stages almost without a current, as well as fairly swift stages with rapids and rocks.The most beautiful stretches are around Mazsalaca.The Salaca is famous for its rich fish stocks.



The Gauja is the favorite river of water tourists looking for calmer waters. The Gauja is the longest river ( 452 km) within the territory of Latvia.

An interesting and attractive site for tourists is the Gauja River Valley between Valmiera and Murjāņi. The biggest outcrops are Sietiņiezis Rock, Ērģeļu (Ērgļu) Cliff, Red Cliff and Ķūķi Rock. The Gauja River Valley is also home to many caves (Gūtmaņa Cave, Great Devils Cave).